Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Thoughts On Four Summer Shows

Rescue Me:  As much as I am still enjoying this show.... For the LOVE OF GOD will someone hand Tommy a bottle of whiskey?! This show does not get to end with "and they all lived happily after".

Entourage: You ever see one of those marathon highlights where the runner shits themselves and keeps going? I always think "You know what? I'd rather see a 24 mile run followed by a quick deuce in a port-a-potty and a bus ride to the finish."  Same here. This show ran out of steam and now the highlight of the show is an 80 year old Andrew Dice Clay still in full Dice Man regalia. Yet somehow I can't turn it off...

True Blood: Seriously, why is Tara still alive? Rutina Wesley could give soap opera actors lessons on shitty acting. Why keep this dead weight around your neck every week?

Breaking Bad: Nothing snarky to say here.  In fact can I wash the writers' cars?

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